I need a pen & paper artistically inclined friend to do this of me.

I need a pen & paper artistically inclined friend to do this of me.

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From the Golden Girls: 

[“Here we are, not eating chocolate cake, which we obviously adore, because we want to stay very thin and then drop dead.  That’s nuts.”]

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"When 400-pound sumo wrestler Kelly Gneiting finished his second marathon, he had improved his time by over 2 hours and set the Guinness World Record for largest person to finish a marathon. Many were quick to suggest that his achievement shouldn’t be publicized because it would “promote obesity.” As if people would think the key to finishing a marathon was weighing 400 pounds. As if fat people should actively avoid celebrating our athletic achievement because we live in a society that stigmatizes our bodies."

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For those of you who don’t know, I’m a thick woman. I got booty. And hips. And thighs. And tummy. And soft skin. And stretch marks. All of that.

Though I speak frequently of my weight loss / fitness journey, I still ALWAYS aspire to a thick girl.

I love my curves. I love feeling womanly. I love the way a dress rides up my backside. I love the way my jeans have to stretchhhhhhhhhh to fit my thighs. I love the way my man’s hands are plastered to my phatty. I love it.

It has taken me some time to get used to all of this. I still look around and feel sad sometimes because I’m “supposed” to be skinnier. But, this is who I am. And while I am changing to become a better me, how I look right now is a gift.

Thick thighs save lives. Act like you know.

I personally prefer giant thighs. Nothing against slender ones, but even when I was going through my weird “WHY DON’T I LOOK LIKE THE PEOPLE IN MAGAZINES.” stage in my teenage years, I never debated that my thighs were anything other than awesome. I have no idea why I didn’t care about that one thing… I guess I’ve just always preferred the aesthetic of soft muscular thighs over thin ones. *shrug*